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Episode Description

This week’s special guest is Angel Marie. Tune in as we discuss entrepreneurship, the post-college blues, fulfilling your potential, and much more! 

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00:27 – Introduction

01:00 – Why did I move to Spain?

04:25 – What is post-college depression?

08:30 – Is college worth it?

10:20 – Traditional college education vs Internet/YouTube education

13:14 – What is something that you do to help people balance themselves spiritually?

14:24 – In which area do people typically need the most help?

16:12 – Why do people struggle to value themselves properly?

17:35 – When did you first realize that you needed to realign yourself?

21:20 – Working through grad school as an airplane cleaner

23:15 – The importance of your work community

24:38 – Choosing between comfort and fulfilling your purpose

26:27 – Getting the poison out

29:13 – Introverts vs extroverts

30:52 – Teaching vs learning

31:35 – What projects are you working on?

33:16 – How to properly balance your time

36:14 – Why are coaching and finding a mentor important?

38:30 – How to handle rejection

40:41 – What are the other things that stop people from following their dreams?

44:00 – Self-reflecting and enjoying the journey

45:35 – How do you define success?

46:19 – What has to happen for you to say that you’ve been successful?

47:55 – What do you want people to say about you when they look back on your life?

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