Derek Phifer

Jaded 80s Baby podcast - The Cork Bros

My guests this week are known as The Cork Bros, and they’re setting the digital marketing scene on fire. They’ve got an amazing origin story, and they’re truly inspiring.

Adrianna Herrera

Adrian Herrera, the founder and CEO of HolaDestiny stopped by to help you learn how to answer some of those trap interview questions, value yourself, get the salary you want, and much more.

Tyzer Evans

Sales consultant and fellow podcaster, Tyzer Evans, is stopping by to share a few of the tips that have helped him be productive and successful.

Mark Vorderbruggen

Ph.D., chemist, and forager, Mark Vorderbruggen, is stopping by to talk about plant-based living, why we should refamiliarize ourselves with nature, and how we could improve our health with plants that probably grow somewhere near our homes.

Christian Nelson

This week on the podcast, singer and songwriter, Christian Nelson is stopping by to talk about his new EP, his storied musical past, the future of R&B, and plenty more.

Jaded 80s Baby podcast - Purdeep Sangha

This week on the pod, my guest is Purdeep Sangha. He’s the CEO and Founder of The Complete Man.

Jaded 80s Baby podcast - William Mandrell

This week on the pod we’ve got William Mandrell. He’s a seasoned real estate investor and the CEO of The Mandrell Co.

Jaded 80s Baby podcast - Jimmy Song

Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song is stopping by the podcast to help us make sense of all the noise surrounding crypto. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or you’re new to the scene, you want to hear what he has to say.

Jaded 80s Baby podcast - Myles Wakeham

My guest this week went from being a high school dropout to almost losing his life in a devastating car accident to living his best life as a flourishing real estate investor financial wiz. Myles Wakeham, the host of the Unconstrained podcast, is stopping by to give you his inspirational life story and tell you how to change your mindset so that you can break free of the rat race and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Jaded 80s Baby podcast - Monique Idemudia

This week’s guest is Monique Idemudia of Dragon Digital Media. She’s here to help you get your business up and running in 2021. We’re going to talk about social media, budget management, and plenty of other business essentials.