Motivate the Masses

Colin Thompson



Episode Description

Oligye Enterprises CEO Colin Thompson stops by to talk about the credit card debt cycle, blockchain and cryptocurrency, investing in the stock market, starting a business abroad, the treatment of Nigerians in China during the pandemic, and much more!

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00:54 – Introduction

02:07 – Origins of Oligye Enterprises

05:24 – Why do college students accumulate so much credit card debt? What can we do about it?

08:57 – Cashless spending and how it alters our purchasing habits

10:50 – Blockchain and cryptocurrency

14:44 – Can cryptocurrency replace traditional fiat money?

18:05 – Importance/benefit of investing in the stock market and cryptocurrency

19:46 – How to overcome your fear of the stock market

21:30 – The process of starting a business in Shanghai, China

27:14 – What to look for when starting a business overseas

29:18 – The importance of travel and how it can affect your future career success

33:52 – Trading travel stories

40:23 – Treatment of Nigerians in China during the initial COVID outbreak

45:09 – Getting comfortable living overseas and staying in China long-term

47:08 – How travel can remove the stress that accompanies institutional racism in America

50:28 – There’s always room at Howard…

52:10 – Learn more about Oligye Industries and the true passion behind the work