Be Mindful

Jaded 80s Baby podcast



Episode Description

This week’s guests are Lianne Davidson and Corey O’Flanagan from the Forever Break podcast. Tune in as we discuss mindfulness, escaping the life of a 9-to-5er, travel, the debut of their much-anticipated podcast, and much more!

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00:30 Introduction

01:50 What were each of you in your former lives?

03:30 Who is behind the production quality of the podcast?

05:00 How did I end up in Spain?

7:00 Why did you pick mindfulness for your season 1 topic?

10:15 How difficult is it to achieve true mindfulness?

12:12 Working and living together

14:40 Traveling together vs traveling solo

17:45 How did you meet?

19:53 The digital nomad lifestyle vs the stability of a 9-to-5

24:03 Finding a good work/life balance through travel

25:50 Advice for those who want more freedom to travel

28:32 Theme for next season’s podcast

30:39 Travel post-COVID

32:43 How do you define success?

34:36 What has to happen for you to say that you’ve been successful?

36:21 What do you want people to say about you when they look back on your lives and careers?