Progress, Not Perfection

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Episode Description

This week’s guest is Hernan Sias. He’s one-half of the Business Bros. podcast, and he stopped by to talk about branding, marketing, podcasting, redefining the term “influencer” and much more. He’s a veritable encyclopedia of information and experiences, and you don’t want to miss this one!


00:30 – Introduction

01:17 – Origin of the Business Bros podcast & their content delivery strategy

03:36 – Building confidence and growing as a podcaster

06:12 – Getting sage advice from David Meltzer

08:38 – Becoming a better podcast host

09:25 – The epiphany bridge story

11:54 – Stereotypes vs accountability vs responsibility

13:53 – Finding the sweet spot

16:39 – There’s a balance to everything

19:59 – Using your podcast to develop a brand for yourself

22:39 – Building connections and growing an audience

24:12 – Teaching people how to podcast through his book, “The Power of Podcasting”

27:48 – Doing a live show vs prerecording

31:30 – Is it over for traditional AM/FM radio?

33:32 – Building a relationship with listeners and clients with your podcast and your branding

36:56 – Getting nervous before interviews

38:16 – Was the pandemic a blessing in disguise for content creators?

42:31 – Is the world of podcast oversaturated?

47:09 – Using social media properly to build connections and an audience

49:04 – How often should you publish new content?

50:15 – The arms race between Apple and Spotify and your intellectual property

55:00 – Redefining the influencer