Trapped in My Mind

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Episode Description

This week, I’ll be talking to Jetes. He’s an up-and-coming rapper out of Portland with a flair for languages. Tune in as we discuss his time in Spain, rapping in multiple languages, his upcoming album, and more!

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00:30 – Introduction

00:50 – Hip-hop scene in Madrid, Spain

02:03 – Appreciation/support for local artists in the USA vs Spain

04:28 – Visiting Brooklyn, NY for the first time

05:29 – How has the time spent overseas helped you improve as an artist?

08:48 – Why did you decide to go back to the United States?

11:09 – The hip-hop scene in Portland, Oregon

14:38 – Why did you decide to become a rapper?

16:14 – Where do you find your inspiration to make music?

18:08 – Rapping in multiple languages and tapping into the Spanish market

21:30 – Trying to build/maintain a rap career with a new son

22:38 – What separates you from other artists?

26:42 – The hardest part of establishing yourself as an artist

29:15 – The new album, Trapped in My Mind

32:05 – Artists and producers featured on the album

34:13 – Favorite song off the album

36:02 – Which song from your catalog has gotten you the most attention?

37:34 – Have you been able to take advantage of the pandemic as a content creator?

39:18 – Pick one song from your current catalog to determine your musical fate

40:32 – How do you define success?

40:42 – What has to happen for you to consider your career a success?

42:00 – What do you want people to say about you as an artist at the end of your career?

43:45 – How can people contact you on social media?


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