Classroom to the Boardroom

Lindsey Wander




Episode Description

The pandemic has highlighted a laundry list of issues that we need to reflect on as a society. Right up near the top of that list is how we value teachers.

My guest this week is Lindsey Wander. She’s the founder and CEO of WorldWise Tutoring, but once upon a time, she was also a classroom teacher. She stopped by to talk about whether she believes America’s attitude towards teachers will change as a result of the pandemic, why she left the classroom, how she’s working to change the system from the outside, and more.



01:15 – The magic of being a teacher. Missing the classroom. Why she became a teacher.

4:08 – First teaching experience. The biggest issue that Lindsey faced as a teacher.

7:28 – Running a tutoring business vs being in a traditional classroom. Is school killing creativity?

12:29 – The most glaring need in the education system.

16:23 – Why you should have “adult” conversations with kids/students.

21:04 – Interest in current events amongst today’s students. Igniting their passion.

22:25 – Building life-long learners in a microwave society.

26:25 – A common error that new teachers make.

28:01 – How will the pandemic change education and society’s view of teachers?

34:37 – Practical ways for parents to help their kids grow as learners and thinkers.

36:53 – How teachers can apply their skills as an entrepreneur.

39:21 – Building an entrepreneurial mindset in students.

41:54 – Lindsey’s turning point as an educator/entrepreneur.

44:16 – One big mistake that entrepreneurs should try to avoid.

48:38 – Other projects that Lindsey is working on.

50:01 – Advice for frustrated teachers and aspiring entrepreneurs.

51:24 – How to learn more about Lindsey and WorldWise Tutoring.


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