Trainer for the People, part 2

Jaded 80s Baby podcast



Episode Description

As we all know by now, you can’t out-train poor eating habits. Trust me, I’ve been trying to do it for the last five years and failing spectacularly. In part 2 of my interview with Luis Benitez, we talk about how to properly align your nutrition and training regiments with your fitness goals. He also drops a few gems on exercising vs. training, the future of the fitness industry, and the purpose of a personal trainer.

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Time Stamps

00:39 – How to measure and track your nutrition properly

02:41 – The difference between exercising and training

05:03 – The future of the fitness industry and the enlightenment of the consumer

12:04 – What gyms and trainers must do to adapt and survive in a post-pandemic world

18:57 – What is the actual purpose of a personal trainer?

22:37 – The truth about diets and how to align your nutrition and training with your fitness goals

35:15 – The Trainers Talk Training podcast