Trainer for the People, part 1

Jaded 80s Baby podcast



Episode Description

This week’s guest is Luis Benitez. He’s a personal trainer and competitive weight lifter from New York, and he stopped by to provide a wealth of fitness knowledge and tips that you can implement right now. In part 1 of this amazing 2-part interview, we discussed female weightlifters, how to determine the proper workout length, lifting through injuries, the proper way to build muscle, and how the gym helped cure my anxiety attacks.

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Time Stamps

01:04 – Greetings & introduction. We talk about why he got into fitness.

04:18 – We discuss how he got into fitness

09:30 – How do you classify yourself as a lifter?

13:40 – What type of clients do you usually work with?

14:24 – Should you deadlift if you’re not a competitive athlete?

18:43 – Why should women lift weights, and what are the benefits? How to properly build muscle.

22:23 – The holy union between lifting and nutrition.

24:56 – How lifting weights helped cure my anxiety attacks

27:01 – How much time should you spend in the gym?

31:55 – Working out through injuries. Should you do it? How to do it properly.

35:39 – Why you use a fitness professional

Ready for part 2? Click here!