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Episode Description

Brand recognition is of the utmost importance. If no one knows what you’re doing or that you even exist, it’s hard to make any money. More importantly, you have to know what type of image you want to project to the world and maintain authenticity at all times.

To tell us how to do that, the Co-founder and CEO of Masami, Lynn Power, stopped by to share from her 20+ years of marketing and brand-building experience. If you’re ready to start building your brand or take it to the next level, this is the episode for you.

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01:08 – What is Masami, and what does the brand stand for?

1:51 – Why go into the haircare market?

5:50 – Working on campaigns that you don’t 100% believe in

9:19 – How to draw the line between morals and making money

12:26 – The importance of a good public relations team

14:47 – Do companies hire trolls to take out their competition?

16:50 – Marketing psychology and archetypes

19:37 – The importance of authenticity and staying true to your brand

23:40 – The moment of truth. Becoming a boss vs staying an employee

26:40 – Why do so many people struggle to go out on their own and become entrepreneurs?

28:37 – The bootstrapper mentality is holding you back

30:34 – Perfecting your brand’s rollout vs Jumping in and building as you go

32:17 – The bank of brand reputation and recognition

34:38 – What’s more important, advertising or the actual product?

38:37 – How much of the budget should new companies dedicate to marketing?

40:00 – Companies with no marketing budget. How can they build brand awareness?

42:22 – Three core elements of a successful brand

44:18 – How to find a mentor

45:43 – Final advice for people struggling to build their brand

47:10 – Learn more about Lynn Power and the Masami brand