Is Brooklyn in the House?

Mark Foreman



Episode Description

The world is changing at a remarkable pace, and so are the faces of politics, travel, and business. My guest this week is Mark Foreman. He’s an entrepreneur from Brooklyn, NY that lives in Taiwan. He stopped by to discuss the political climate in the region, the fallout from the pandemic, the impact of oversaturation on new business ventures, and much more!

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01:07 – Why Taiwan?

09:05 – Daily life in China

10:19 – The illusion of democracy and fairness

12:50 – The perception of Americans in Taiwan. The relationship between America and Taiwan.

17:56 – The problem with America outsourcing so much of its manufacturing

21:06 – How real is the tension between Taiwan and China?

29:30 – Is the Chinese government actually “disappearing” citizens who speak out?

33:49 – Is China trying to destabilize Africa and establish a new colony?

35:14 – Reality is stranger than fiction. Could Covid-19 be part of an elaborate plot?

39:30 – What can happen if your business is declared “essential” in China

48:42 – Starting a business in Taiwan as a foreigner

55:09 – What industries can/should people who expatriate to Taiwan invest in?

1:00:39 – The A.Connector podcast


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