Enter the Dragon

Jaded 80s Baby podcast - Monique Idemudia

Episode Description

This week’s guest is Monique Idemudia of Dragon Digital Marketing. She’s here to help you get your business up and running in 2021. We’re going to talk about social media, budget management, and plenty of other business essentials.

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00:51 – All about Dragon Digital Marketing. A Black-owned female-led company.

03:08 – Be careful what you wish for. Working for a large corporation.

06:22 – Three most essential things for new businesses. Omnipresence online.

12:20 – Chasing vanity metrics vs chasing clients.

14:52 – Is SEO a dying art?

19:50 – How to divide your company’s budget.

21:44 – Work-life balance. How to recognize the early stages of burnout.

24:26 – Can you apply marketing strategies to your personal life?

26:42 – The Dragon Digital Marketing podcast.

27:40 – Connect with Monique online.

28:02 – Final advice for small business owners.