The Creator Mindset

Nir Bashan



Episode Description

Have you ever noticed that, at times, being creative is more difficult than it should be? How many times have you sat there waiting for that creative spark to ignite something magical, only to be greeted by deafeningly silent thoughts? Help is on the way!

This week on the Jaded 80s Baby podcast, the founder and CEO of The Creator Mindset, Nir Bashan, stops by to discuss what blocks our creativity, how to harness your creativity, his time working in Hollywood, the music industry, his new book, and much more!

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1:11 – Who is Nir’s new book, The Creator Mindset, for? What is it about?

2:10 – What did you learn while researching for the book?

5:05 – The process of creativity.

6:46 – Harnessing your natural creativity. Working in the Hollywood and the music industry.

11:41 – Why don’t we emphasize the hard work that goes into creativity?

14:02 – Working in the music industry vs working in Hollywood.

15:48 – When do we start losing our creativity?

18:59 – A bunch of thinkers and doers?

22:01 – Finding a balance between creativity and analytics.

25:00 – Happiness through creativity. Building up your soft skills.

27:05 – Becoming a problem solver. Learning from tough times.

29:22 – What to do when you’re struggling to be creative.

33:09 – Defining your creative process.

33:56 – Final advice for people struggling with creativity

34:52 – Where to find Nir’s new book and how to contact him online.

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