Foodies Unite!

Precious Pioneer

Episode Description

I started this podcast because I wanted to hear fresh perspectives from inspiring individuals like my guest this week.


In this episode, I’ll be talking to Precious Pioneer. She’s a foodie, a chef, a podcaster, and an all-around creative soul. She’s all about sustainable food, fixing problems, and embracing the curveballs that life throws at you.


00:52 – Who is Precious Pioneer?


05:32 – Precious “The Foodie” goes to culinary school. The connective power of food.


09:15 – The real definition of a foodie?


11:54 – Precious “The Foodie” – the podcast. Sustainable/healthy food and the Black community


18:14 – The battle for hearts and minds. Changing peoples’ relationship with food


21:12 – What is a sustainable chef? Knowing where your food comes from


23:53 – 2020 and the vulnerability of the food industry


25:55 – The fallacy of controlling your own life. Putting undue pressure on yourself


31:08 – Future plans. Creative abundance vs distraction.


33:25 – Final words of advice. Connect with Precious online.