Hoy Tampoco

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Episode Description

What’s life without creativity? Music and poetry are like food for the soul, and my guest this week is here to give us a full serving. In this episode of the Jaded 80s Baby podcast, singer, songwriter, and author, Sara Oliveira checks-in from Spain to talk about her new book, the creative process, and her upcoming album.

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01:00 – Who is Sara Oliveira?

1:50 – Sara talks about her new book, Hoy Tampoco

3:59 – The most difficult thing about creating music right now

6:06 – Publishing a book by yourself

8:21 – How does it feel exposing your innermost thoughts to your people through your book?

11:31 – Translating the book from Spanish to English

13:51 – The creative process

15:51 – Dealing with negative feedback

19:46 – Working on a new album and writing a second book

25:16 – Words of advice for aspiring creators

26:31 – How to get a copy of Hoy Tampoco and find Sara online