Living Authentically

Episode Description

This is my first episode of the new year, and given the state of things, I thought it’d be good to start off with an episode about mental health. This week, Wellness Therapist, Sarafina Arthur-Williams is here to help us get our minds right as we step into 2021.


01:24 – What attracted Sarafina to mental health?


04:16 – Most common mental health problems in 2020.


06:55 – Evaluating your own mental health and well-being.


09:14 – The difference between in-person therapy and online therapy.


12:29 – The bond between patient and psychologist. Increased mental health awareness in society.


16:41 – Are the most creative people the most mentally unstable?


21:10 – The role of psychedelics in mental health treatment.


23:37 – How do religious and cultural beliefs tie into mental health issues?


 27:24 – Exploring ancestral roots, and finding comfort in your community.


38:45 – Finding comfort in your community. Where do you align?


40:20 – Advice for others struggling to be open about their sexuality.


46:53 – Global psychology. International psychological research.


48:55 – Connect with Sarafina online.

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