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Have you ever wished that your business could turn into the next Uber? Who wouldn’t want an enormous company that seems to have a knack for finding investors? This week on the Jaded 80s Baby podcast, virtual advisor and the CFO of Scale Spark, Susan Boles, stops by to discuss why you don’t want to be the next Uber. She also talks about why you should ignore gaudy sales numbers, the metrics that are indicators of a successful company, and bad habits that hurt businesses.

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01:09 – Who is Susan Boles? What is Scale Spark?

4:24 – When do you need to hire a CFO?

9:57 – Being penny-wise vs being pound-foolish

11:03 – What jobs/tasks should be outsourced, and what jobs/tasks should be done manually?

15:38 – Running a “lean” business model

16:45 – Sales is a vanity metric. What metric should you actually pay attention to?

18:12 – Why you don’t want to be the next Uber.

19:54 – What is a bootstrapper company, and should you be one?

21:48 – The importance of an action plan. How to create a successful action plan.

23:46 – How to measure company growth as a small company?

25:13 – Software necessities for every business

26:58 – Implementing Sass software

28:20 – The importance of conducting a software audits on your business

30:21 – Evolving as a business owner with experience

33:13 – Check out the Break the Ceiling podcast

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