Grind . Sell . Repeat

Tyzer Evans

Episode Description

This week we’re focusing on increasing those sales numbers. If you’re running a business or you’re working in the sales department of someone else’s business, this is the episode for you. Sales consultant and fellow podcaster, Tyzer Evans, is stopping by to share a few of the tips that have helped him be productive and successful.

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00:54 – Who is Tyzer Evans?


02:37 – Sales: You either have it, or you don’t?


04:25 – Is sales simply a numbers game?


06:11 – The sales funnel explained.


07:35 – How much of your content should you give for free before asking for money?


08:59 – Tyzer walks us through his first big sale.


12:29 – Tyzer looks back on a deal that went wrong to detail what he learned from it.


15:26 – Tyzer’s sales consultant service.


16:20 – How do you know when it’s time to bring in a sales professional?


18:10 – A landing page vs an in-depth website. Which one do you need?


20:18 – Prices: Should you put your prices out front or make customers inquire?


22:37 – The Grind.Sell.Elevate podcast


23:52 – How do you get around the gatekeeper?


25:45 – Tyzer’s other projects.


26:10 – Connect with Tyzer online.


26:31 – Final advice.