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Episode Description

In this episode, I sit down with Virtue Grace. She’s a talented YouTuber from Nigeria who covers political issues in Africa. We talk about the growing tension between China and Africa, the relationship between Africans and African-Americans, Ghana’s Year of Return, and much more! 

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00:55 – What inspired you to start your channel?

04:35 – Do you consider your channel an alternative news platform?

05:38 – Mainstream media agenda vs local/alternative media

08:29 – Western media coverage of Africa

09:05 – Is there a concerted effort to control the way Africa viewed by the world?

14:20 – The influence of YouTube in Africa?

16:46 – Using your platform to reach/influence others

18:07 – Corrupt African leaders and foreign influence on the continent

21:30 – Getting more young people involved in politics (interest vs opportunity)

25:04 – Growing tension between African citizens and Chinese nationals

30:35 – Is China trying to colonize Africa?

35:54 – Sellouts within the diaspora

39:54 – Relationship between Africans and African-Americans

48:58 – Ghana’s the Year of Return

51:25 – My brief experience on the continent

53:08 – Where should you visit for your first trip to Africa?

58:30 – How do you define success?

58:45 – What has to happen for you to feel like a success?

59:35 – What do you want people to say about you when they look back on your life?

1:00:10 – Social media contact info

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