Cashflow Is King

Jaded 80s Baby podcast - William Mandrell

Episode Description

This week on the pod we’ve got William Mandrell. He’s a seasoned real estate investor and the CEO of The Mandrell Co. We’re going to talk about everything from getting your first property to tricks of the trade that’ll help you build up a respectable portfolio. 

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00:50 – William Mandrell and The Mandrell Company.


02:57 – William details lessons from his first real estate deal.


07:01 – The housing bubble. Should you be scared, or should you invest?


11:41 – The relationship between interest rates and the housing market.


15:46 – The potential impact of Biden’s 15K First-time homebuyer tax credit.


19:30 – Should you use FHA loans to acquire rental real estate?


24:30 – Some core rules to follow to successfully build wealth.


29:43 – Book recommendations to help develop your financial literacy.


30:12 – Cashflow Secrets. The key to understanding economics and real estate.


31:33 – Connect with William and The Mandrell Company online.


32:53 – Final advice.