Salute the Dream Chasers

Jaded 80s Baby podcast - Yaya Diamond

Episode Description

This week, I’ll be joined by Yaya Diamond. She’s a singer and songwriter, and she’s the host of Dream Chasers radio. Yaya also happens to be the daughter of Evelyn Thomas.

Yaya is here to talk about the music biz, her music career, and the pros and cons of fame, fortune, and stardom.

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01:04 – Who is Yaya Diamond?


03:20 – The origins of Dream Chasers Radio. The power of podcasting.


08:13 – Personal and professional goals for 2021.


13:10 – Stop comparing your life to an artist’s life.


15:56 – What do you miss about being able to perform live?


18:58 – How would continuing long-term lockdowns impact performers and the music industry?


21:35 – The best part of the creative process. Is “real” R&B back?


27:09 – How do you know when the journey is over?


29:26 – The cost of fame and stardom. Sticking with your day one friends.


35:44 – Can you reach the top without acquiring fame? What if you don’t want the fame?


40:06 – What separates normal artists from famous artists? Satisfaction vs complacency.


43:23 – Do you need an entrepreneurial mind to be a thriving music artist today?


44:27 – Connect with Yaya online.