God and Gigs

Jaded 80s Baby podcast - Allen C. Paul, God and Gigs

Episode Description

Where do you draw your line? At some point, we all either have faced or will face a situation that we believe is forcing us to choose between our core beliefs and professional success. But do you actually have to make that choice? 

Allen C. Paul from God and Gigs is here to help us answer that question, as well as shed light on how he’s using the God and Gigs platform to help other creatives succeed without sacrificing their faith. 


01:18 – How does faith factor into our daily projects and professional endeavors?

06:20 – Where do you draw the line? Approaching opportunities that don’t align with your beliefs

10:22 – Finding balance between creativity and grace

13:22 – Common challenges facing creatives who want to maintain their faith

16:29 – Music eats its young. Young musicians falling into the same traps as their predecessors

21:56 – Why isn’t faith-based music as popular as mainstream music?

27:04 – How the God and Gigs platform is helping people

30:33 – Big mistakes that creatives make when trying to monetize

32:58 – The myth of being busy

36:02 – Finding your market entry point. Where do you fit?

39:45 – What is intellectual property? Why is it so important?

42:15 – Legacy: Sacrificing personal relationships for professional success

47:27 – Defining success

51:15 – Final advice for creatives

52:42 – Learn more about God and Gigs

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