Alpha: Redefined

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Episode Description

A lot of people like to talk about building up the community and helping others become the best version of themselves, and far too often, those words ring hollow. My guest this week is letting his actions speak for themselves. He’s written books, he offers free courses, and he travels the country speaking to anyone wise enough to listen to his message.

Cameron “Coach Cam” Campbell stopped by the Jaded 80s Baby podcast this week, and we talked about discussions that need to be had within the African-American community, how we form our relationship with money, the hood rich mentality, e-commerce, and a host of other topics.



01:04 – What’s possible when Black dollars come together. Avoiding the wolves in sheep’s clothing

07:24 – Why is there always one of us willing to sellout the rest of us? Colorism in the community.

15:50 – You get to write your own legacy! Conversations that we need to have.

23:49 – Generational wealth, the hood-rich mentality, and changing our relationship with money.

30:54 – Staying rooted in the culture. Dealing with financial PTSD.

40:22 – Private family banking

43:54 – Releasing his book, Alpha: Redefined

57:33 – Initial experience with e-commerce. New e-course, Win the First Quarter.

 1:11:53 – How much does hip-hop affect our relationship with money?

1:16:35 – College courses based off hip-hop greats

1:20:34 – What happened to the mixtape circuit

1:24:45 – Go-to music for creativity and inspiration

1:26:38 – The dream vs the reality

1:28:47 – Advice for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. The importance of a good team

1:31:45 – Connect with Coach Cam on social media. Covid creations

1:33:43 – Crown & Glory magazine. Dreaming big and achieving big

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