Journey From the Pharcyde

Jaded 80s Baby podcast




Episode Description

In this episode of the Jaded 80s Baby podcast, I sit down with J-Swift. This legendary hitmaker is known as the mastermind behind some of hip-hop’s most iconic songs, but these days, he’s trying to draw attention for more than his beat-making prowess. Tune in as we talk about his ongoing fight against the U.S. government, what really happened between him and The Pharcyde, getting “greyballed” in the music industry, and much more!

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00:30 – Introduction/Update on current situation

01:32 – Homelessness in Madrid

02:25 – Getting “greyballed” in the music industry

04:53 – Friction with Tommy Boy records and why did the Wascals only released one album

11:15 – Impact of industry issues on family life and his father’s influence on him musically

15:06 – Meeting legends at the BMI awards

19:01 – Are hip-hop icons appreciated more overseas than in the US?

20:15 – Bucwheed teaching him how to write rhymes

23:20 – Story from a college tour with Pete Rock

26:44 – Drugs in society and the recording booth

29:04 – Legal battle to get back into the United States

49:04 – Importance of family

51:30 – Severity of his financial situation

55:55 – How his family pushes him to continue fighting

56:40 – Message to the listeners