Unapologetically Me

Jaded 80s Baby podcast - Neosha

Episode Description

You know that feeling you get when you hear a new talent for the first time, and you feel like they have a ton of promise?

As they grow and get bigger, their success sort of feels like your success. You were checking for them before anybody knew who they were, so there’s an added sense of satisfaction as they grow.

You might get that feeling about my guest this week, Neosha. She’s an up-and-coming singer/songwriter who’s ready to make her mark on the industry.


01:06 – Who is Neosha? Growing up Black in Wisconsin.

08:19 – The music scene in Wisconsin. Thriving in a non-conducive musical environment.

11:23 – A matter of perspective: Big fish in a little pond vs Small fish in a big pond.

13:12 – Leaving home to chase your dreams. The New York music scene.

17:10 – What made you want to be a singer? Influenced by the greats.

19:24 – Musical aspirations. Living the dream. Are you ready for fame?

22:57 – A1 since day 1.

22:49 – The creative process. The many faces of Neosha. Pioneer Chromatic.

33:42 – Creative energy in the studio.

35:51 – The Love Letters EP. Drawing from your personal experiences.

40:47 – Where does good music come from? Is pain the key to a hit record?

45:31 – Refusing to sacrifice your creativity. Conflict in the studio.

50:17 – The way women handle bad situations. Unapologetically Me, the album.

52:39 – Rapid fire questions.

59:39 – Connect with Neosha online.

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