County of Kings

Jaded 80s Baby podcast - Sim Campbell

Episode Description

You can learn a lot about a person by observing how they respond to adversity.


My guest this week is an author/rapper who was once sentenced to 24 years in federal prison. Rather than let that be the end of his story, he’s using his past experience as a tool to teach others and improve the community around him.

Through his books and his music, he’s working to help the next generation realize its full potential.


Who am I talking about? His name is Sim Campbell, and as an artist, he goes by the name of ScrewFace Pelle.


01:07 – Decisions that lead to federal prison. The illusion of the gangster. The company you keep.

12:52 – Using your time constructively. Becoming a writer. Life after prison.

16:23 – The Factor: When Death Before Dishonor is Tested

19:45 – ScrewFace Pelle, the recording artist

22:32 – Hip-hop and politics: Are rappers being used?

24:17 – The state of hip-hop. Life as a parent.

27:27 – Making music vs writing books

28:15 – Issues facing Black youths. Issues facing parents. Inconsistencies in the legal system.

33:29 – Advice for today’s young people

35:02 – The difference between Sim Campbell before prison and Sim Campbell now.

35:32 – Current and future projects

37:04 – Connect with Sim online