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Jaded 80s Baby podcast - The Cork Bros

Episode Description

For the season 2 finale, I wanted to go out with a bang, so I saved two of the best for last. My guests this week are known as The Cork Bros, and they’re setting the digital marketing scene on fire. They’ve got an amazing origin story, and they’re truly inspiring.

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01:17 – Who are The Cork Bros?


02:03 – How to properly create branded apparel.


05:25 – Big brands The Cork Bros work with.


06:11 – Twisted Tea and the beauty of leaning into social media buzz.


08:45 – Was the pandemic a blessing in disguise to the marketing industry?


10:39 – Landing that first big client. When do you being to feel legitimate?


13:31 – Acting like prey vs being sharks. The evolution of their pitch process for new clients.


18:57 – Stubbornness vs persistence: How do you recognize the difference?


23:40 – When is it time to starting building out your team?


25:18 – How do you build a network from scratch?


29:57 – Working for free vs asking for money. What’s the proper way to establish a connection?


34:29 – If you could start over with your current knowledge intact, what would you do differently?


38:34 – Final advice


40:55 – Connect with The Cork Bros online