Underprivileged Overachiever

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Episode Description

Who doesn’t love a good story? Every now and then, you stumble upon a story that can educate, inform, and entertain concurrently.

My guest this week is Yohance Salimu, and he has one of those stories. He’s here to promote his new book, Underprivileged Overachiever: A Compton Story. He’s also going to shed some light on his non-profit organization and what he’s doing to help kids who might be experiencing circumstances like he did growing up. 

Yohance has a larger than life personality and a story to match. You don’t want to miss this one.

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01:07 – A homeless teenager trying to excel in high school

03:06 – Brotherly love. Yohance’s relationship with his brothers

04:39 – Yohance the rapper? He discuses filming a video in L.A. and other hidden talents

07:11 – When did life begin to stabilize?

08:05 – Pursuing a degree in Geospatial Sciences

10:30 – Underprivileged Overachiever. Why did he feel the need to share his story?

12:31 – What does he want people to get out of the book?

13:25 – God vs conscience. Are they one in the same?

14:39 – Favorite story from the book

16:20 – Yohance: Rhymes with Beyonce; Starts with a ‘Y’. The value of a name

18:14 – Getting raped as a teenager

21:53 – The infamous G-man

24:02 – The process of writing and editing a book

29:25 – The Underprivileged Overachiever book series

30:26 – How a mysterious condition pushed him toward his purpose

32:06 – Building up the community through his non-profit organization

35:51 – Tying up loose ends from the book

37:06 – A movie in the works?

38:54 – The art of trash talking

39:50 – Advice for kids who might be going through hard times

41:09 – How to learn more about Yohance, find him on social media, and where buy his book


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